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Faculty Help: ChatGPT's Impact on Higher Education: Resources: Articles, Videos, Podcasts

Repository of info about impact of ChatGPT on/in higher education. Content creation in collaboration with Anna Mills, College of Marin.


The Real Danger Of ChatGPT, Dec 30, 2022
"Language is how human beings understand themselves and the world but writing is how we understand uniquely. Not to write is to live according to the language of others or worse, to live through edits tweaks and embellishments to language generated by an overconfident AI chatbot."


Cheating With ChatGPT: Can OpenAI’s Chatbot Pass AP Lit? | WSJ, Dec 21, 2022
ChatGPT, OpenAI’s new artificially intelligent chatbot, can write essays on complex topics. WSJ’s Joanna Stern went back to high school AP Literature for a day to see if she could pass the class using just AI. 


Can AI replace Professors? | AI and the Future of Education, Dec 13, 2022
The platform that’s getting a lot of attention right now is chat GPT, a version of AI that’s optimised for conversational dialogue. I’m going to put it to the test and ask chat GPT the questions I would ask myself when preparing for a new semester of teaching. Here's what I found. 


AI and the Future of the Essay, Dec 6, 2022
All of us have been watching developments in artificial intelligence, and especially the advances being made by "large language models" with some concern (what we end up describing as "fear and excitement" throughout the discussion).


What might ChatGPT mean for higher education?, Dec 15, 2022
In this special Future Trends Forum session we'll collectively explore this new technology.  How does the chatbot work? How might it reshape academic writing?  Does it herald an age of AI transforming society, or is it really BS?


ChatGPT and the Future of Assessment in Higher Education, Jan 10, 2023
ChatGPT, NLP and AI require us to rethink how we assess in higher education. I briefly explain what ChatGPT is, demonstrate what it does, and outline what I see as the implications of this technology for HE.


ChatGPT in Your Classroom, Jan 19, 2023
Erik Fox-Jackson, FCPE interactive learning designer and adjunct faculty member for Adelphi’s Ed Tech and Art Ed programs, discusses how he is thinking about using ChatGPT in the classroom.


ChatGPT and the Future of Writing Instruction, Jan 26, 2023
The November 30 release of ChatGPT and its abilities to generate, revise, and critique essays have raised concerns about the promise and perils of AI for writing instruction. We will discuss how these tools work, their affordances and challenges, and the place of artificial intelligence in the writing curriculum.


ChatGPT's Impact on Higher Ed: A Responsive Conversation, Jan 31, 2023
By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT, the free AI platform that can “write” full-length, college-level essays on virtually any topic in seconds. From academic integrity to assessment, ChatGPT’s impact on higher education will be far-ranging. This session includes a demo of how ChatGPT works, implications for higher education and how other colleges and universities are responding. This session was led by SFCC librarians.


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