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FDMA 2315: Literature Review Help

Film and Television Literature Index with Full-Text

How To Search 

1. Start with the title of your documentary, surrounded by double quotes "  " . Then click "Search"

Ex.      "When the Levees Broke"            OR            "Waiting for Superman"

Search Tip: If your documentary's title is short or generic (ie. "RBG", "Night and Fog", "Sicko"), try adding the name of the Director to your search. 


2. Refine your results

When your results come up, look to the left-hand side and you'll see several search limiters. 
Looking for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles? Click "Peer-Reviewed."
Looking for articles published since 2014? Adjust the Publication Date accordingly. 
Etc....  Feel free to experiment - you won't break anything! :-)

Other Databases

Again, start with the title of your documentary. Add the Director's name to further limit results. 

Still getting a lot of results? Narrow your search even further by adding one or more of these terms:

Criticism           Analysis          Interpretation

Still not finding anything? Try searching everything we have at once.

Go the library's homepage ( and search using the green Discover Search Box. (Hint: Use the Advanced Search feature.)

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