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Library Instruction

Library Support for Instruction

The SFCC library can support teaching in-person and at a distance using both synchronous and asynchronous teaching.  This page describes the course support and instructional services provided by the library.

Synchronous Library Services:

  • Custom Designed Teaching: Librarians can create custom designed teaching that can take place in classrooms and/or can take place synchronously in an online platform.  The library prefers to create classes that align with research projects and lessons that are part of the course curriculum. 

Library Services in Canvas:

  • Custom Designed Teaching: Librarians can create custom designed videos or series of videos that can be launched in your online classes.
  • Interaction with Students: Librarians can be embedded into Canvas courses to monitor student research and provide access to library resources as discussions call for interaction and support.
  • Research Guides:  Librarians can create course specific research guides based on your class assignments and your students' research needs.  These guides can be linked into your Canvas course.
  • Course Reading Lists: You can create links to library material in your Canvas Course.  Be sure to use the permalink associated with each article to provide seamless access to specific material for your students.  If you need help creating the special permanent link, contact a librarian.
  • Embedded Librarian: Want to have a librarian embedded in your Canvas course to assist with adding instructional materials, create course or research guides, interact with students, or provide virtual library instruction? An instructor can add a librarian in the “Librarian” role to their course from the people section of their Canvas course. If you are interested in this option, please contact Sarah Hood at:

Accessing Library Materials:

The library website is the portal to all of our collections and materials, digital and physical. Below is a list of helpful places to start in your search for instructional content or to send your students for their assignment needs.

  • Library Catalog: Search for materials with online access including e-books, e-journals and streaming video.
  • Databases: Access to the library's electronic resources.  
  • Research Guides: Explore resources related to a specific subject, topic, or type of source

Help from the Library:

Ask a Librarian: You can email or leave a message for any of the librarians and we will get back to you.  We can work with you via email, phone, or set up a web conference via Zoom.

Navigating Copyright in Moving Courses Online: This resources has been created to help guide instructors through instructional content questions related copyright and fair-use. 

Adding Articles to Courses

When you add articles from the library's databases to Canvas or send students articles via email you need create a special permanent URL that includes the SFCC server's proxy server as a prefix.  

Some databases will include the SFCC prefix, but others will not.  When you paste the URL, make sure the prefix is included or you may add it yourself.  The prefix is:

Each database has a different location for the permalink - if you are having trouble locating the permlink for an article you want to use contact the library at:  Below are some screen shots showing the locations.

Ebsco Database Permalinks Jstor Permalinks
Gale Permalinks  
Arrows showing permalinks in Gale  

Below are some examples of correctly constructed permalinks that can be put into Canvas or emailed to students.


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