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Sustainability Topics, Climate Change, and Social Justice: Home

This guide was created in collaboration with instructor, Emily Stern.


Search using Subject Headings to better explore aspects of sustainability

  • alternative energy
  • biomass energy
  • ecological economics
  • permaculture
  • renewable energy
  • soil conservation
  • sustainable agriculture
  • vermicomposting
  • water conservation
  • water supply--New Mexico

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Sustainability, as defined by the Brundtland Commision, "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

According to The Dictionary of Alternatives, "sustainability involves ensuring both human and ecological well-being, finding ways of organizing human activities so that societies, now and in the future, can provide for themselves whilst preserving ecosystems. The idea of sustainability is based on the premise that the earth has finite capacity, and that the rate of economic growth pursued in the second half of the twentieth century, particularly in the West, will inflict irreversible damage on the planet, or reach ‘natural limits’." 

Use this Library Research Guide to explore sustainability related to aquaponics, biofuels, desert agriculture, and water.

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