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New Employees: Welcome to SFCC

A guide to some of the general resources of interest to SFCC employees.

SFCC Library Welcome


Welcome to Santa Fe Community College Library!

We are happy to welcome you to the SFCC community.  Our library is here to support you in your professional, academic and personal needs.  

Whether you need to  find a quiet place to work, access our extensive digital resources, or collaborate with colleagues others, the library is here to support you. 

This guide will offer you a few sources to get you started, but as you begin your work at SFCC, please don't hesitate to contact the library staff with your questions.

Basic Electronic Subscriptions

The library subscribes to two journals most faculty and staff create accounts for early in their employment at SFCC.

The SFCC library subscribes to an extensive set of electronic databases that are all available through the library's search box on the library's main page.  If you are in search of a specific publication and need help locating it, please contact the library for assistance.

Information Literacy

The SFCC library has a large and vibrant information literacy presence on campus.  We want to partner with you to support our students!  For faculty teaching, we offer extensive support to you and your students by teaching, creating resources, and supporting the assignments in your courses.  

Please visit this guide to learn more about our library instruction services.

Artificial Intelligence, LLMs, and GPTs

Librarians want to support you and your students with issues related to AI and GPTs.  We are all learning about this new frontier together and librarians have a specific interest in helping students, faculty, and staff navigate these new tools.

Please visit our extensive guide created to support faculty learn about and integrate AI into your teaching.

Online Educational Resources - OER

The SFCC Library is supporting faculty who want to learn about Online Educational Resources (OER) and convert their course resources to OER, eliminating the need for students to purchase textbooks.

Please visit the library's OER website for tools and support.

Library Material

All current SFCC faculty, staff, and students have library borrowing privileges.  To check out physical items from the library's collection you just need to have your SFCC ID.  To access the library's electronic resources, you will use your SFCC online login credentials.

The library offers interlibrary loan to all users.  We user our nationwide network of libraries to get the journal articles, books, films, and audio recordings you need to support your professional and personal interests.  Information about interlibrary loan can be found here.

Library Space

The library space is available to all library users.  The library includes areas for individual work and group study.  We also have a family study room available for library users who have children with them when they are on the SFCC campus.  Information on the library's spaces can be found here:  

Librarians Support You

The SFCC librarians and library staff are here to support you.  As we tell all of our users, there are no "dumb" questions, and you don't even have to have a question.  You can come to the library to discuss an idea and/or a theory and we can work with you to find the resources you want and need.  Please reach out to us at our individual email addresses or at

We look forward to meeting you and working with you virtually or in-person.

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