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Kanopy & Swank: SFCC Streaming Film Libraries

A guide for faculty on using and requesting films from Kanopy.

SFCC Streaming Videos

This guide is for faculty who would like to locate and request that the SFCC Library purchase access to films for their students.

The SFCC Library currently has access to two for-fee film streaming services, Kanopy and SwankEach service has different content, so please search both Kanopy and Swank for films you would like to request to license.

Once a film is purchased by the Library, it is available to all students, faculty, and staff at SFCC and is available for one year from the day of purchase.

While SFCC Library would like to license all requested resources, these licenses are expensive and we must work within the constraints of our budget.  At this time, we are only purchasing licenses for films requested by faculty that are to be used in current classes or in classes under development.  If funding allows, we may expand access to other groups.

Questions about Kanopy or Swank?  Email

About Kanopy


Kanopy is a streaming video service offering documentaries and feature films.


If you have used Kanopy through the Santa Fe Public Library, please note SFCC does not have the same subscription model.  Films are NOT automatically accessible; access must be requested by a faculty member ahead of time.



About Swank

Swank logo

Swank is a streaming video service offering documentaries and feature films.  SFCC faculty and staff should have the ability to browse the entire Swank catalog by following the link.  Once you are in the catalog, you may request specific films.  The SFCC library may contact you if there are questions.  Once a film is purchased, a link to the film will be sent to you so that you may share it with your students in Canvas.

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