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Faculty Help: ChatGPT Comprehensive Resource Guide: AI Detectors

Repository of info about impact of ChatGPT on/in higher education. Content creation in collaboration with Anna Mills, College of Marin.


Listing and linking to these resources does not indicate SFCC Library's endorsement of said resources (Editor's Note: I've actually seriously considered deleting this section altogether due to the controversy surrounding the use of these resources, but...)

  • Please keep in mind that the efficacy of each platform is not consistent. No one platform is 100% foolproof.
  • Sources are listed in alphabetical order
  • Many of these are free but simply require you to set up an account. But yes - some only allow a free trial period. 

Understanding false positives within Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities

How reliable are AI text detectors? At the moment, not very ☹️

SFCC's Student Code of Conduct Policy 2.1

SFCC policy does not at this time specifically address ChatGPT but please occasionally refer back, as things may update and change. 

2-1: Student Code of Conduct Policy

What to do if you are falsely accused of cheating with AI

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