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Faculty Help: Generative AI Resource Guide: AI Detectors

Repository of info about impact of Generative AI on/in higher education.


Listing and linking to these resources does not indicate SFCC Library's endorsement of said resources (Editor's Note: I've actually seriously considered deleting this section altogether due to the controversy surrounding the use of these resources, but...)

  • Please keep in mind that the efficacy of each platform is not consistent. No one platform is 100% foolproof.
  • Sources are listed in alphabetical order
  • Many of these are free but simply require you to set up an account. But yes - some only allow a free trial period. 

Understanding false positives within Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities

How reliable are AI text detectors? At the moment, not very ☹️

What to do if you suspect unsanctioned use of Generative AI

  • Beforehand (“An ounce of prevention…”)
    • Develop a Generative AI use policy for your course syllabus and/or assignments
    • Draw students’ attention to that policy
    • Talk openly with students about Generative AI
    • Collect periodic writing samples from students to familiarize yourself with their writing style and voice
  • Tell the student why you believe they may have used Generative AI in a way they were not supposed to 
    • Do you see phrasing in their writing that clearly indicates a Generative AI platform wrote it? 
      • “I’m sorry but as a Large Language Model, I can’t….”
      • “Certainly! I’m happy to write that essay for you!” 
    • Is their writing style or vocabulary unexpectedly different than you’ve ever seen it?
    • Does their writing not address the question or prompt in a way you’d expect?
  • Engage the student in a conversation about their work
    • Are they able to engage and converse with you about their work or do they have trouble recalling key aspects? 
    • Ask the student to discuss both their thought and writing processes. Are they able to do this? 
    • Can they define terms/words that you believe may have been provided by Generative AI?  
    • Document this interaction. 
  • Please consider very carefully before...
    • Using AI detection software. 
    • Assuming that use of words like “delve,” “tapestry,” “landscape” etc automatically means the student used a Generative AI tool. Rather, compare the writing style with various student writing samples. 
  • Further action needed?

What to do if you are falsely accused of cheating with AI

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