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Faculty Help: Generative AI Resource Guide: Discussion in the Higher-Ed Community

Repository of info about impact of Generative AI on/in higher education.

List of online groups discussing this topic

Many discussions are taking place among college educators re: questions, answers and ideas about ChatGPT and how to move forward. Take your seat at the table by getting involved in the wider discussion in the higher ed community! 

Thought Leaders in the Generative AI Realm

You may be asking "Who should I be following?" There are many strong voices in the field but here are a few standouts. Click their name to be taken to their page.  

Ethan Mollick Sarah Elaine Eaton Lance Eaton
Philippa Hardman Anna Mills Brent A. Anders
Leon Furze Stefan Bauschard Laura Dumin

While not an individual, Arizona State University is taking the lead among higher ed institutions in embracing the role of Generative AI in student learning.  

Arizona State University and Artificial Intelligence

How Smart is ChatGPT?

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