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Faculty Help: Generative AI Resource Guide: Plagiarism & Academic Integrity

Repository of info about impact of Generative AI on/in higher education.

Plagiarism & Academic Integrity

Looking for advice and tips on ChatGPT's impact on plagiarism and academic integrity? Each of these links is customized to take you to highly focused and relevant content exclusively from that website or domain. 


Click here to see what articles the SFCC Library databases have on the topic of ChatGPT and academic integrity.

Click here to see what videos are out there on YouTube on the topic of ChatGPT and academic integrity. 

What to do if you suspect unsanctioned use of Generative AI

  • Beforehand (“An ounce of prevention…”)
    • Develop a Generative AI use policy for your course syllabus and/or assignments
    • Draw students’ attention to that policy
    • Talk openly with students about Generative AI
    • Collect periodic writing samples from students to familiarize yourself with their writing style and voice
  • Tell the student why you believe they may have used Generative AI in a way they were not supposed to 
    • Do you see phrasing in their writing that clearly indicates a Generative AI platform wrote it? 
      • “I’m sorry but as a Large Language Model, I can’t….”
      • “Certainly! I’m happy to write that essay for you!” 
    • Is their writing style or vocabulary unexpectedly different than you’ve ever seen it?
    • Does their writing not address the question or prompt in a way you’d expect?
  • Engage the student in a conversation about their work
    • Are they able to engage and converse with you about their work or do they have trouble recalling key aspects? 
    • Ask the student to discuss both their thought and writing processes. Are they able to do this? 
    • Can they define terms/words that you believe may have been provided by Generative AI?  
    • Document this interaction. 
  • Please consider very carefully before...
    • Using AI detection software. 
    • Assuming that use of words like “delve,” “tapestry,” “landscape” etc automatically means the student used a Generative AI tool. Rather, compare the writing style with various student writing samples. 
  • Further action needed?

It's time to rethink plagiarism and cheating

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