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Faculty Help: Generative AI Resource Guide: Writing Assignments

Repository of info about impact of Generative AI on/in higher education.

Writing Assignments

How are educators approaching the redesign of writing assignments? Each of these links is customized to take you to highly focused and relevant content exclusively from that website or domain.

And we invite you to explore this website:
MLA-CCCC Joint Task Force on Writing and AI 

"The MLA and CCCC have formed a joint task force to develop resources, guidelines, and professional standards around the use of AI and writing."


Click here to see what the SFCC Library databases have on the topic of ChatGPT and student writing.

Learn more about designing writing-based assignments, activities, and assessments in the age of AI at this writing workshop led by Dr. Maddie Holland.

AI has already been used to help students with things like grammar and plagiarism detection, but what about the actual college essay-writing process? Will a computer write a well-written and thoughtful essay? Or will it just spit out something generic and unoriginal? How will the colleges address the issue of AI in essays? Cyndy has invited Brad Schiller, from Prompt, to discuss how AI may change the admissions landscape. Watch Brad demonstrate the power and the limitations of ChatGPT in writing essays.

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) language models have the potential to transform education. How can we balance the potential for innovation and the challenges to academic integrity in the teaching of writing across the disciplines? Join us to discuss the significance of AI in academic writing and strategies for embracing, detecting, or preventing students’ use of AI-generated text. Stephen (Chip) Gladson (Professor of English and College-wide Coordinator of Writing in the Disciplines, Montgomery College) Moderator: Michael Mills (Vice President, Office of E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence, Montgomery College)

This workshop was recorded April 13, 2023 and is intended for health sciences faculty who provide curricular writing assignments.

Many of these you'll probably be able to use and even change as you see fit. However, please sure check for a Creative Commons license; if none is listed please reach out to the creator. If nothing else, they will hopefully give you some ideas. 🧠 

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Copy and paste this search into Google for highly-focused, relevant results!
site:edu ("generative AI" OR chatgpt OR GenAI) assignments (advice OR best practices OR guidance) 

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