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Faculty Help: ChatGPT Comprehensive Resource Guide: Faculty Uses for AI

Repository of info about impact of ChatGPT on/in higher education. Content creation in collaboration with Anna Mills, College of Marin.

Potential Uses

ChatGPT can potentially help you generate...

Lesson Plans  Student Learning Outcomes Letters of Recommendation
Note: Please keep in mind: "ChatGPT Replicates Gender Bias in Recommendation Letters"
Grant Proposals
Syllabus Content Review / discussion / quiz questions Writing prompts Advice / ideas for engaging in tough conversations
Rubrics Conference Proposals    

Remember: You're the expert! Anything ChatGPT produces is just a starting point. You can and should tweak and adjust for your purposes.

Bonus Resource! AI Prompt Library for Educators | AI For Education 
(Prompts for: lesson plans, rubrics, discussion questions, quizzes, syllabi, formative assessments...and more!)

More on potential uses

We could all use a little help and inspiration every so often. So check out some of these videos on how to use ChatGPT to create/generate:
(Click the word, it's linked)

Rubrics Letters of Recommendation Quiz / Discussion Questions
Grant Writing    

Best Practices:

  1. Check the output
    Does it make sense? Is it what you'd expect? If not, try tweaking your prompt.   
  2. Pick and choose
    You might not like all of ChatGPT's output so use only what you think will work.
  3. Be transparent
    Let your audience (students? colleagues?) know you used ChatGPT and to what degree. Did you go with its content 100%, just draw inspiration or somewhere in between?  

Advice for Successful Interaction with ChatGPT

Called "prompting," the way you interact with ChatGPT greatly affects the relevance and usefulness of its output. Here are 3 general tips to keep in mind when 'conversing' with ChatGPT.

  1. Provide context
    Give it a role to play (e.g., "Act as a writing tutor..." "You are a U.S. history professor...") or a task you want it to perform (e.g., "Please summarize the following text...")

  2. Provide instructions
    Do you need ChatGPT's output to...
    • ...follow a specific format, such as a bulleted list?
    • the reading level of a particular audience?
    • ...make an analogy that references something in particular?
      Then tell ChatGPT that in your prompt. It's highly likely it will do exactly as you ask.
  3. Provide more instructions!
    Just as you would with another person, continue to engage ChatGPT in conversation and tell it how to adjust or change its output. 

Learn more about successful prompting at

Also: Gliding, not searching: Here’s how to reset your view of ChatGPT to steer it to better results | The Conversation

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