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Faculty Help: Generative AI Resource Guide: AI in the Classroom

Repository of info about impact of Generative AI on/in higher education.

AI in the Classroom and Assignments

In this five-part course, Wharton Interactive's Faculty Director Ethan Mollick and Director of Pedagogy Lilach Mollick provide an overview of AI large language models for educators and students. They take a practical approach and explore how the models work, and how to work effectively with each model, weaving in your own expertise. They also show how to use AI to make teaching easier and more effective, with example prompts and guidelines, as well as how students can use AI to improve their learning.

You might find it helpful to have your students complete the following tutorial from the University of Arizona Libraries. 

AI Assessment Scale (Lucas Wright & Leon Furze)

Use this chart to easily let your students know what level of GenAI they are allowed to use! 

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