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Library Services: Library Computer Use

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Computer use

SFCC Library provides computer and internet access in support of the research, information needs, and course related work of our students, staff, and faculty.  On a limited basis, access to computers and the internet is offered to the public as a courtesy.  However, SFCC students, staff, and faculty will always have first priority for computer usage.

The SFCC Library computer use policy has been established to manage limited resources effectively and to protect the rights and privacy of our patrons.

1.     SFCC Library provides access to computers, the Internet, and our resources to SFCC students, staff, faculty, and the public at no charge.

2.     Students are subject to the print restrictions established by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

3.     The Library staff will be happy to help with computer issues if possible, but staff are not trained technicians and do not provide tutoring for computing needs and software use.  Computer users may need to contact the OIT Help Desk or computer labs for more extensive assistance for non-library issues.

4.     Access by non-SFCC users is a privilege not a right.  Community users must sign in at the Front Desk and Library staff will log them on to a computer.  Community users are limited to 30 minutes.  Printing is not available for community users. Community users will always be required to vacate computers for waiting SFCC students, staff, or faculty.

Appropriate Use

1.     Research, information, and course work purposes take priority over email, social networking and other non-college related computer uses.   Any patron, including SFCC students, staff, and faculty, using the computers for purposes other than research, information, and course work may be asked to give up the computer for priority use by others.

2.     Students using SFCC library computers must be in compliance with the SFCC student Code of Conduct, SFCC Social Media Policy, and the SFCC Computer Use Policy.

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