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Library Services: Linking to Resources

Learn about Interlibrary Loan, instruction requests, reference, and course reserves.

Linking Tips!

Linking to articles from a database

Do a search from the search box on the Library Tab in Jack. Be sure to limit your search to full-text!


Select an article from your results list.


In the tool bar on the right, click on the "Permalink" chainlink icon.


A link to the article will appear above the title.


Copy and paste this link anywhere you want students to easily access the article.

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Linking to ebooks from EBSCO

Share specific pages or chapters from an ebook with your students.

Browse by subject, or search for specific keywords, authors, or titles.

Once you have found a title you wish to share, open it by clicking on the "eBook Full Text" link.


You can link to a specific page, or beginning of chapter by clicking on the "Permalink" chain icon on the right.

Navigate to the page(s) you wish to share, click on the Permalink icon, and the permalink will open above the article. Copy and past this where you want to share.

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Linking to videos from Films on Demand

You can share videos clips that student can watch online!

Find the video you want in Films on Demand.

Once you have the segment open, scroll down a little on the page until you see the window that says, "Segment URL" (here it is selected in blue). THIS is the site you want to direct students to NOT the URL that appears in the address bar of your browser.

You can also email segments to students

or embed the video on a website simply by clicking on the tool bar under the viewing pane.

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Create URL for image group

You can also post the url for the image group.  Under the same “Share” choice, choose “Generate image group URL” and a dialog box will open with a url in it. 

Please note:  if you post the images to the web they must be in a password protected site.

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