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Library Services: Donations and Gifts

Learn about Interlibrary Loan, instruction requests, reference, and course reserves.

Donation and Gift Policy

The Santa Fe Community College Library welcomes gifts of books, CDs, DVDS, and audio books in CD format.  The Library does not accept damaged or highlighted materials, old textbooks, health or science materials that are older than 5 years, out-of-date travel guides, or materials with content that is no longer relevant or accurate.  The Library does not accept donations that are in an outdated format such as VHS, cassette tapes, 8 track tapes, or laserdiscs.  Any materials that are not added to the collections are either offered for sale or sent to Better World Books or a similar used books jobber.

Materials that are in excellent condition and that support the curricula of a community college or are of general interest to the SFCC community may be added to the collection.  Duplicate titles are added as second copies if there is evidence of frequent circulation for that specific title.

Due to federal tax regulations, the Library staff does not, as an interested party, provide appraisals for donations received.  Establishing the donation value of gifts for tax purposes remains the responsibility of the donor.  The Library will submit a form to the SFCC Foundation regarding the number and format of items (e.g., hardcover, softcover, CDs, etc.) donated and that office will send a letter to the donor acknowledging the gift.  The donor may use that acknowledgment for tax purposes.

The final determination for the acceptance and distribution of donations rests with the Director of the Library.

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