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Library Services: Tools & Solutions

Learn about Interlibrary Loan, instruction requests, reference, and course reserves.

Tools & Solutions

Tools for your students...and for you!


Avoiding Plagiarism – An interactive online tutorial from Acadia University in Canada

Making Plagiarism-Proof Assignments and getting students engaged in research, from Colorado State University

Another resource on Creating Plagiarism-Proof Assignments -- a printable tip sheet for faculty, from Minnesota State University

Wikipedia Assigned as Homework? -- An article discussing academia's love-hate relationship with this resource

Why Plagiarism Happens, and Best Practices for Avoiding it from the Council of Writing Program Administrators


Information Literacy Resources

A major factor affecting student success, particularly in community colleges, is students' ability to identify their information needs, know what resources to use to find appropriate information, evaluate information once they've found it, and then use it ethically. It is our role as librarians and educators to instill this in students.

Library Instruction - Bring your class for library instruction! Here's information about the Instruction Program at SFCC Library and how you can schedule a session.

Library databases/ resources – Send your students straight to quality resources, both online and physical

Video on Evaluating Resources



Assignment calculator – Creates a custom day-by-day schedule to keep students on track with their research assignments. Adapted from the University of Minnesota.

Research Process Libguide – Guides students through the research process with helpful information and links



Library Databases – Most library databases have a built-in citation tool!

LibGuides for MLA and APA – Covers formats for various resources types,-sample citation pages, and so much more. Click on MLA/ APA tab

Links to online Citation Resources

Citation machine – Creates citations for students in both MLA and APA



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